Defence Modeling Simulation & Training (MS&T)  

Who we are...

    EWSIM CORPORATION provides specialized knowledge and technology to the Electronic Warfare (EW), Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW), and Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) communities. We have highly experienced staff and partners that have been in the business for more than 25 years.

    Our people have extensive experience in doing business with International Government and Military Agencies, providing complex solutions including Defence Electronics, High Fidelity Defence Modeling Simulation & Training (MS&T) Systems, and Services. We are ready to transfer knowledge and technology to your organization.

What we do...

    EWSIM CORPORATION enhances operational readiness and training outcomes for allied Intelligence, Military, Security, Law Enforcement, and Public Safety organizations around the world.

      • Electronic Warfare (EW) Simulation Systems
      • Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Simulation
      • Communications Intelligence (COMINT) Simulation
      • RADAR Simulation
      • Weapon Systems and Countermeasures Technology
      • Missile Flyout/ECM and EO/IR Simulation
      • Mission Planning and Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) Simulation

      • Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Simulation
      • SONAR Operations Simulation

      • Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) Simulation
      • Training, Mission Planning, Threat Characterization, Jamming Effectiveness

      The core and common battlespace environment...
      • Common Scenario Management, real time, dynamic or scripted scenarios, war gaming, common map and terrain standards, EOB export, modern architecture for easy integration
      • Platforms, Sensors, Terrain, Weather, Atmosphere, Synthetic Autonomous Forces (SAF), 3d Visualization
      • UAV Operations Simulation
      • Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) Simulation (Air, Ground, Surface, Sub-Surface)
      • Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) Simulation

      Training and Consulting Services...
      • EW, ELINT, COMINT, COMMS, ESM, ECM, RADAR, ASW, and more...
      • Weapon Systems and Countermeasures Technology
      • Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre (EWOSC) Operations

Why we do it...

    Every Soldier who deploys today uses some type of Live, Virtual or Constructive (LVC) simulation to train in critical Warfighting skills. Simulation systems enhance operational readiness, and help our Soldiers;

    • Hone their skills
    • Rehearse their missions
    • Improve mission success and completion times
    • Achieve this with 'lower than live' costs
    • Learn from mistakes, without the cost of mistakes

How we do it...

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