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Electronic Warfare and Battlespace Simulation  

The EWSIM team have extensive experience in doing business with International Government and Military Agencies providing complex solutions in the fields of Defence Electronics and EW Simulation.

EWSIM partners with internationally renowned experts in multiple domains including EW, COMINT, ELINT, ASW, UAV, UVS and more. We provide specialized knowledge and technology to governments providing leading edge systems with very carefully designed architecture that minimizes future obsolescence, and allows for optimum reuse of system components in the future, making expansion affordable and preserving the customers initial investment.

EWSIM™ products are designed to be used stand alone, or integrated into a cohesive system. EWSIM™ systems are used for Mission Planning, Training, Test & Evaluation, and Research, by governments around the world.

We work in a geographically distributed environment, meaning all company members work from remotely located offices. There is no single central location of operation. We utilize the latest in remote office technology, and collaborate on a daily basis.



    Mr. Harvey Parisien

      Harvey brings over 30 years experience across all aspects of business development and managing within the bounds of the Canadian Government Controlled Goods Registration Program (CGRP) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITARs). He has extensive experience at establishing strategic and tactical business partnering and teaming arrangements, and tailored business relationships ultimately focused on optimizing customer and shareholder value. Harvey is also the founder of Parisien Research Corporation, a Security Intelligence company (www.parisien.org).

    Mr. Benjamin Hung
    Vice President, Anti-Submarine Warfare Systems

      Benjamin brings over 20 years of experience in the fields of Sonar, Radar, Remote Sensing and Simulation specializing in large scale digital signal processing implementation. Benjamin was one of the original designers and developers of the Command & Control System Simulator/Trainer for the Canadian Tribal class destroyers. Benjamin also managed the production and delivery of state of the art Open Architecture Processing systems to customers around the world including Canadian Navy, Swedish Navy, German Navy and European Space Agency. His background and knowledge in ASW and digital signal processing provides EWSIM with an unique ability to develop and integrate new capabilities into our current training systems.

    Advisory Board...

      Mr. Patrick D.R. Crandell, Colonel CF (Retd) BA,CD2, psc
      Vice President, Intelligence and Security Programs
      Parisien Research Corporation
      Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

        Pat has over 36 years experience in Intelligence and Security at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. His military experience ranges from criminal investigation, to intelligence collection and collection management, to single and all source intelligence analysis, to planning and doctrine development, and to project and senior management. Noteworthy appointments included: Brigade and Command G2/Task Force J2; the OIC of Strategic Imagery Exploitation; Deputy Director of the ISX Crown Project; Intelligence Branch Advisor; Director of CF Intelligence Operations (1996-2001), and Acting Director General Intelligence for extended periods (1998-2000). Overseas assignments included: G2 Canadian Contingent UNEF II (1973-74), Canadian Defence Attaché (CDA) to the Former Republic of Yugoslavia (1992-95) and CDA to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, and East Timor (2001-2004). In the latter capacity, he focused on counter-terrorism in SE Asia. He has extensive inter-departmental/inter-agency and international experience.

        In addition to specialized intelligence and security training, he is a graduate of the UK Joint Staff Intelligence Course, the UK Electronic Warfare and Psychological Warfare Staff Courses, as well as the CF Land Forces Staff Course, the CF Command and Staff Course, and National Security Studies Course (Short), and is a Certified Human Behaviour Consultant.

        He is a member of the Canadian Intelligence and Security Association, the Canadian Society for Industrial Security, the United States Naval Institute, the Acting President of the Maple Leaf Chapter of the (EW) Association of Old Crows, and a member of the Ad Hoc Advisory Group to the Senate Defence and Security Committee.

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