Electronic Warfare and Battlespace Simulation  

All systems are exported from Canada.

tEODor and PackBot EOD Robotic Vehicles

These PC-based Virtual Reality Simulations for the tEODor and PackBot EOD robotic vehicles were developed for the Bundeswehr bomb squad. They use these vehicles to explore and dispose of dangerous objects such as explosive ordnance.

To safely train operators in the handling of these vehicles, realistically reproduced 3D models are staged in a virtual test environment, i.e. in an aircraft or in a building.

The program is controlled using the original operating equipment connected to the PC. The simulation includes all vehicle functions, i.e. driving, arm rotation, grasping function, camera and lighting.

The system can be tailored to your organizations equipment and environment needs. Multiple scenarios have already been developed.


Multiple scenarios have already been developed.

  • Unmanned Systems Technology (Parisien Research Corporation)
    • Robotic Vehicle Control Systems
    • Collaborative Robotics
    • VENOM Robotic Vehicle


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