Electronic Warfare and Battlespace Simulation  

All systems are exported from Canada.

Mine Clearance Divers

The identification of underwater mines is usually carried out by mine clearance divers. This work demands a great deal of safety in the approach.

To school the German Navy mine clearance divers, we have developed a training scenario where the mine divers are given the task to recognise and identify mines in a virtual underwater world.

The underwater conditions such as visibility, ground conditions or vegetation as well as the type, number and condition of the mines are all individually configurable.

In this way, the users are confronted with a wide variety of conditions as they would be in the real world and, as a result, they get the best possible training.


The system installed at Bundeswehr, Germany, for training drivers on networked PC workstations. This is known as "CoCBT" (Co-operative Computer Based Training).

The users interact in a virtual world. Their task is to couple together realistic 3D model simulations of amphibious vehicles, boats and floating bridge elements in a waterway to form ferries or bridges.


Simplified Learning and Content Management Systems designed to be operated by Trainers. Simple tools to assist the Trainer in delivering their legacy training messages.

EW Database, Work Flow Trainer, Intelligence Management System

Training Databases for the Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Communities are designed to give operators the skills they need to operate in analyst positions.

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