Electronic Warfare and Battlespace Simulation  

All systems are exported from Canada.

Our EW Simulation product line, EWSIM, provides the latest in technology, simulation standards and the highest fidelity available.

Using our knowledge, products, services, and strategic partnerships with leading experts in Electronic Warfare, we can design and build your complete turn key Electronic Warfare (EW) Training School, or enhance your existing EW Simulation and Training programs.

We will work with you to understand your current programs, and future needs. Then we will suggest a mix of products and services to provide an effective solution. We will deliver this in a carefully designed architecture that allows for optimum reuse of components in the future, making expansion affordable and preserving your initial investment.


  • Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Simulation
  • RADAR Simulation
  • Communications Intelligence (COMINT) Simulator
  • Mission Planning and Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) Simulation
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Simulation
  • Missile Flyout/ECM and EO/IR Simulators
  • Electronic Warfare Database Systems
  • Electronic Warfare Database Training Systems
  • Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) and Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) Simulation
  • Platforms, Sensors, Terain, Weather, Atmosphere, Synthetic Autonomous Forces (SAF), 3d Visualization
  • Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) Simulation
  • EW Training & Planning Tool
  • RCIED Planning Tool
  • Course Management Systems (CMS)
    • Computer based training (CBT)
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    • Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)
    • Learning Community Portals


  • Stand Alone (single user on a notebook)
  • Part Task (embedded into existing systems)
  • Classroom (networked)
  • School House (networked, RTN, HLA)
  • Range (LVC, planning, debrief, DIS, HLA, TENA)
  • On-Board (embedded to stimulate live equipment)
  • Research (threat library validation loop)
  • Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) - (DIS, CTIA, TENA, HLA)
  • Global War Gaming Environments

This is possible using proven Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) systems that have been designed with proper modular architecture and modern interfacing using current development methodologies and standards. This results in efficient custom tailoring, successful growth plans, and other integration strategies that deliver the lowest life cycle costs available today.

Properly designed systems capable of flexible integration that work in multiple environments, is a concept we call an Adaptable or Reconfigurable Training Network. This approach further reduces total life cycle costs, and in addition provides trainers the most flexibility available to deliver their programs.

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