Electronic Warfare and Battlespace Simulation  

All systems are exported from Canada.

Electronic Intelligence Simulation

High precision ELINT Training and Equipment Procedural Training can be developed economically, using existing threat definition tools and core environment simulation modules. The fidelity of these systems is high enough to use Research Environments, or Threat Validation loops.

This system can simulate actual operator consoles from operational systems, providing very precise procedural training. Most real systems today are controlled by PC based user interfaces which receive a digital stream of data from a processor that is fed by live receivers and sensors. We can also simulate that digital stream and inject the same data into real operator GUI systems. This allows for very high fidelity and precise system training. This can be managed by us directly with the customers equipment providers where we share interface control information and integrate. Equipment providers benefit by having an embedded training solution for onboard training and other LVC (Live Virtual Constructive) Simulation activities.


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