Electronic Warfare and Battlespace Simulation  

All systems are exported from Canada.

Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) Simulation

    The ASW Simulator (ASWS) is a passive/active sonobuoy simulator that provides high fidelity acoustic simulation and processing capabilities for operator training. It is built using proven off-the-shelf software that is based on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) PC hardware to minimize the life-cycle costs. The ASWS is built on off-the-shelf sonar processing software, Pleiades System Test Bed (STB), developed by Defence Research & Development Canada (DRDC). Over the last 15 years, DRDC developed STB, which is an open architecture computing environment. It is specifically designed to be the next generation sonar data processing system for the Canadian Navy. The system has gone through successful sea trials aboard the Halifax class Canadian Patrol Frigates with proven sonobuoy, hull mounted sonar and towed array processing performance.

    With proven simulation and processing performance the ASWS offers a low risk solution that can be used as a standalone simulator or integrated with the EWSIM instructor's facilities and scenario generator. It provides the flexibility for easy inclusion of other sonar simulation capabilities in the future.

    • One Processor for Different Sonar Systems: The ASWS STB is a generic sonar processor that can process/simulate different sonar systems. With proven passive, active, sonobuoy and towed array processing capabilities the STB can be easily extended to include different sonar platforms as part of the trainer.
    • Scalable Future Expansion: The ASWS is a truly scalable system. Unlike most SONAR processors/simulators, the ASWS processors can be easily added to server to handle additional processing needs to cater for either new sonar platforms or additional sonobuoy channels.
    • Open Source Operating System and Libraries: The ASWS is built on top of Linux, a portable, Open Source, robust operating system, and the Open Source libraries to ensure the software can run on a wide variety of hardware platforms (i.e., from Motorola PowerPC to the Intel Pentium to AMD Opteron). The resulting portability provides unprecedented freedom of choice for any future hardware upgrades.




In order to provide a cost effective and consistent solution, the ASWS is integrated with EWSIM providing a common instructor / scenario management interface.


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