Electronic Warfare and Battlespace Simulation  

All systems are exported from Canada.

Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Simulation

A Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) integrated architecture creates an environment that enhances readiness by:

  • Increasing training realism
  • Mitigating resource constraints
  • Enabling effects not possible in just one environment and single domains
  • Enhancing habitual relationships with flank/higher/rear units
  • Overcoming geographical constraints - expands Battlespace
  • Enables Joint interoperability
  • Expanding the size of the training audience and encouraging multi-echelon training while allowing joint training
  • The LVC integrated architecture does not replace Live-only training but rather integrates it with Virtual and Constructive training
  • Provides Expanded Battlespace
  • More realistic (inclusive) training Battlespace
  • Larger training scenarios that cost less than live only
  • Repeatable training scenarios that prepare students for live training
  • Precise delivery of training messages


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