Electronic Warfare and Battlespace Simulation  

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Intelligence Management System

The IntelligenceMS complements our EW & Intelligence services in the following areas:

  • Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) - EWOSC workflow
  • Open Source Threat Database (OSTD) - RCIED Intelligence

Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)

EW Database, Work Flow Trainer, Intelligence Management System

Training Databases for the Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Communities are designed to give operators the skills they need to operate in analyst positions.

Open Source Threat Database (OSTD)

RCIED Events Database - with our strategic partner Electronic Warfare Solutions

Over a number of years the team of intelligence experts at EWS has compiled a database of open-source reports of RCIED or remotely detonated IED. It spans from 1972 to the present and is updated daily. This database is available to law-enforcement and government agencies, or to those companies in industry with an established need-to-know, and provides a unique and focussed into insight into this hugely problematic and evolving threat.

The core of the database is an aggregation of OSINT reports in an events database. This events database has an intuitive, user friendly interface and can be used to search and sort by location, type and date, and provides very important trend data and in many cases identifies likely perpetrator or who the intended target of the attack was.

Technical information on RCIED in the public domain is often very difficult to find, with this type of information usually being classified by government bomb data centres or exploitation staff. Where the events database identifies the type of technology that has been in an attack, we have researched and collated information on that technology or equipment to make life easier for intelligence analysts and help practitioners track with global and local trends.

The Open Source Threat Database (OSTD) is an online, subscription based product that can be access via most web browsers. Demo log on access is now available.

Who would benefit from the OSTD?

  • Bomb data centre, intelligence, bomb disposal and C-IED training staff
  • Electronic countermeasures mission fill developers
  • Original equipment manufacturers for design, development and marketing


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